Monday, December 1, 2014

Crossing the PiBoIdMo Finish Line!

I did it!

I crossed the finish line!

My First Marathon- The 2006 Honolulu Marathon

No, not another marathon.


I completed Tara Lazar's annual PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) with not 30, but 32 ideas!


Winnah, winnah, SUSHI dinnah!

I love sushi. 

Coming up with ideas wasn't easy. I splashed in puddles, tumbled through a pile of leaves, and slid down slides, narrower than my hips to find my ideas.

What does it mean to cross the finish line? You can read about my first marathon and find out how that transformed me. But that's a different story.

Completing the PiBoIdMo challange means I belong to a select group of writers, armed with 30 ideas. But crossing the finish line doesn't end there. The real challenge is to transform the ideas into completed stories. 

Who is ready for the next challenge?


  1. Way to go, Romelle!! Sushi always motivates me too. ;)

  2. Hot diggety dog! YOU ROCK IT UP THE STREET AND BACK DOWN AGAIN! WAHOO!! Yip, yip! Um diddle, diddle diddle, um diddle ay
    Um diddle, diddle diddle, um diddle ay. Super de duper congratulations, Romelle!!!

    1. Wow, thanks Robyn! You've reignited the excitement of crossing the finish line all over again! You make a great cheer squad!

  3. Awesome! This was a great Pibo. I have a notebook full of stuff. I need to read back through it and search for the gems to start 2015 with.

    1. Well, cheers to a 2015 full of new and exciting picture book stories!



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