Friday, February 14, 2014

Writing is...

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Valentine's Day is a time when I reflect on the things that make me happy and give me comfort:

Chocolate covered strawberries  
Hot Chai tea latte
Gourmet macaroni and cheese
My family & friends
Being outdoors in the sunshine
Fluffy slippers
    A warm hug from my boys
A playful puppy
Fresh flowers and


Writing delves deep into my right brain, releasing the ideas that is waiting to pour out onto paper.

Writing is like exhaling.  It releases clutter in my mind and quiets my inside world.

Writing is an escape that transports me to a place of wonder and delight.

Writing is meditation.  It brings me to my happy place, childlike in nature.

Writing is creative energy that is connected to my soul.  So as the ideas flow, my heart dances.  Like dance, my writing is an expression of my self.

My inner most thoughts are waiting to be exposed and only through writing can it be expressed.      

                                    Writing is my life. 

What does writing mean to you?



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