Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So You Want To Be A Writer: Step up to the plate

The Giants did it again! 2012

The San Francisco Giants' 2010 World Series win inspired my son to play baseball for the first time at the age of 9.  By today's standards, age 9 is going into the sport late- a sport in which many kids started playing by age 4 or 5. 

This fact didn't discourage my son.  He was determined to catch up to his peers.  He signed up for baseball clinics, watched instructional videos, and practiced batting and throwing everyday with his dad. 

In just a year of playing little league, he was invited to play in an all-star team.  He has since moved to playing in a travel tournament team.  If he had never stepped to the plate to play ball, we would have never known his potential.

I have a few friends who have told me they are interested in writing a book, but I've never seen any one of them follow through in their intent.  It's one thing to be interested in writing, it's another to do something about it.  You'll never know what you are capable of until you take action.

"In baseball, you only get 3 swings and you're out.  In (re)writing, you get as many swings as you want and you know, sooner or later, you'll hit the ball." ~Neil Simon

The San Francisco Giants won 2 World Series in my child's lifetime.  Who knows how many more they can accomplish.  The Giants' have inspired me to keep writing.  For those who have thought about writing, I challenge you to step up to the plate. If you want to make it to the all-star team, you need to attend writer's conferences and read books on writing and publishing to learn something about the industry.  Most importantly, keep swinging that bat and write, write, write.  I'll be rooting for you to hit a home run!

Here are a few helpful resources for the aspiring writer to get started:

What sets apart a writer and someone who writes?  The first step is to sign-up as a SCBWI member. The site includes information on conferences, awards and grants, and helpful resources.  Here you get to network with other writers and and receive online support.  Read the best in the industry including editors, agents, authors, and illustrators.  The closest you'll get to a formal education on writing for children in an online course, complete with a comprehensive manual and resource books.  This will give you the foundation to write a good, compelling story.  If you've never taken a course on basic writing, I recommend starting here.  Verla Kay has a great message board to bounce off questions off other writers regarding writing technique, publishing, submissions, etc.  A fabulous intensive picture book workshop.  It's a 12-lesson e-mail course divided into 2 parts.  You'll learn the basic elements of a picture book and put it into practice with weekly assignments.  A wonderful five-week interactive course by Dr. Mira Rosenberg.  Get technical & theoretical information, videos, expert interviews, tips on writing, critiques from your built-in small groups, and a one-on-one critique with Dr. Rosenberg.  This is an academy that brings together a community of writers.  Great website for beginning writers.  They provide a children’s writing course, a library of instructional articles, videos, podcasts, ebooks & more.  For $4.49 a month, you will also receive monthly issues of the famous Children's Book Insider, packed with market news, hot tips and expert advice

~ Happy Writing!


  1. Going to my first SCBWI event Saturday! So excited!

  2. awesome inspirational post! thanks for sharing. I'm going to share, ok? miss you!



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