Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This past Memorial day weekend I played the role of "soccer mom," cheering my son at his first Davis World Cup Soccer tournament for 4 games.  As exciting as it was, I felt disconnected from the usual Memorial day  festivities of parades and barbecues.  But the time between games allowed me to reflect on what Memorial day is really all about.

Memorial day is a day to remember and honor those who have given their life in service to our country.  In brief silence, I thought about all the young men who fought for us.  I thought about my father who served in the Navy and how grateful I am that he is alive and healthy.  And I thought about the days I missed my father while he was away overseas.  

During this time, books helped me cope with the absence of my dad.  It comforted me by transporting me into a fantasy world of make-believe.  During my birthdays and at Christmas (the times when my dad was away), I always received Little Golden Books from my mom.  Many of you know them as the books with the gold foil spine.  My favorite Little Golden Book?  The Monster At The End of This Book, by Jon Stone and Michael Smollin.  Published in 1971, this book sold for only 39 cents.  Today, it cost $3.99.  If you are a collector, you can find the first edition of this book for $20.

This was the funniest book I've ever read... and still is.  Yes, it's silly but I love the fact that my favorite Sesame Street character, Grover, was talking to me.  The fun and humor pulled me into the story.  It was my escape from reality.

The Little Golden Books will always remind me of those months my dad had been away and the joy I had when he finally came home...and he always did.  

Memorial day may be over, but not our gratitude.  Everyday, remember to thank your servicemen and thank them for our freedom- the freedom to think freely... and creatively.

Do you remember your first children's book?  What kind of memories does it bring you?



  1. I remember reading as a kid, but don't recall the books. Encyclopedia anyone? We were thrilled when our parents spent the money on that valuable collection. I have several books from my childhood that my parents shipped to my son. We spent our Memorial Day doing non-Memorial Day things. While my late husband did not die in the line of service, I knew that back in Georgia the DAV put a flag on his grave.

    1. Encyclopedias! I had the set that was ivory and green. My parents made me read that and Reader's Digest.

      Memorial day is also a time to remember our love ones in heaven. I'm sure your late husband had a flag too.

  2. We have all three of the ones you posted but I remember having lots when I was a little. They always have so much more attitude than I remember them having!

    1. That would be cool if your parents still had the books. Unfortunately, my mom donated them all. I guess that is fortunate for those who received them.



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