Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging For Writers

Blogging- Quid Pro Quo

Why blog?
  • to get in the practice of writing regularly
  • to share with others your progress in writing/publishing
  • to document your writing career publicly so others may learn from you
  • to share with others news, information, and tips in the industry
  • to promote yourself as author, editor, publisher, or teacher
  • to network with other writers
I blog to document my journey as a writer.  It's nice to look back at what I've accomplished and what I've learned over the years.  But why do so publicly?  I have friends who want to be published writers.  The first question they ask me is, "where do I start?" The best I can do for them is to share my experience and the steps I've taken so far to get me where I am today.

When I first started writing, I've always wanted a mentor, a go-to person for questions and advice.  I wanted to learn from a successful (children's) author and examine their journey as a writer so that I can follow in their foot steps.  

I'm not a famous writer and I wouldn't call myself an "author," but one day I hope to be that "somebody" and inspire others to write and fulfill their dream of becoming a children's book author.

In the meantime, I enjoy writing and reading blogs.  There is a wealth of information you can find on blogs- especially writer's blogs, because they know exactly what you are looking for or what you need to know.

Why do I read blogs?
  • to see what my favorite writer is writing about
  • to keep abreast with any updates in the publishing world
  • to seek writing help
  • to see what others are doing that I should be doing
So if you haven't tried it already, give it a try.  It's free and it's easy.  Here is a list of the most popular blogging providers:

Other resources:

Inspiring people is what blogging is all about (at least for me).

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