Sunday, April 26, 2009

Writing My Passion

I went off on a tangent and submitted a story to Filipinas Magazine. It's a magazine, circulated worldwide, depicting Filipino life in the Philippines and abroad. Writing for the adult population is not my usual genre, but it's great exposure. I think that as long as you keep writing, no matter what you write, you become good at it. If it so happens that during the writing process, you realized you've created something special, the better.

Aside from writing, I also enjoy running. It was only natural for me to write about my passion. And that's one of the greatest tips given to me. You'll hear editors tell you, "Write from your heart." And so I did. That's what probably got me noticed. I write about my running experience on a separate blog:, which has since changed to One of my friends, who has been following my marathon journey, enjoyed my blog. She suggested I share my marathon experience and submit it to Filipinas Magazine's First Person Column. The column features Filipinos who do extraordinary things.

I submitted my story in August 2008. Eight months later, it was published in the April 2009 issue of Filipinas Magazine. The two-page spread was complete with two photos of me and my parents who met me at the finish line of my marathon. That was one of my many great moments.

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